1. I need online tutoring now! Do you still have tutoring times available for online tuition?
Yes, though the coronavirus has created a bigger than usual demand for online tuition there are still times available. We use Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Skype. Please message or call Philip on 0416 218 432 for details. Alternatively, email to philip@english-tutoring.com.

Of course, online learning has for some time been the practicable alternative for many. Travel needed for person-to-person meetings can be expensive and having a tutor in your home can be inconvenient. Clients of online tuition move smoothly into and out of tuition sessions without leaving their familiar working environment. The convenience of online meeting makes it easier to commit to the regular coaching. Finally, the documents and notes typically shared in online sessions are a valuable resource afterwards. The natural advantages of online learning mean it the various platforms have been well tried and tested.

2. Are my texts being taught at 'English Tutoring by Philip Brown'?

Texts being studied intensively this year are from the 2023 Year 11 and 12 VCE English and English Literature lists. All texts required are read and taught by the tutor. These lists are printed below. Find your text!



List 1


Achebe, Chinua, Things Fall Apart (3)

Arnott, Robbie, Flames (A) (2)

Austen, Jane, Pride and Prejudice (3)

Doerr, Anthony, All the Light We Cannot See (4)

Erpenbeck, Jenny, Go, Went, Gone (2)

Jackson, Shirley, We Have Always Lived in the Castle (1)

Jordan, Toni, Nine Days (A) (4)

Mandel, Emily St. John, Station Eleven (4)

Short stories

Hadley, Tessa, Bad Dreams and Other Stories (1)
Stories for study: All

Munro, Alice, Runaway (3)
Stories for study: All


Euripides, The Women of Troy (4)

Shakespeare, William, Much Ado About Nothing (3)

Harrison, Jane, Rainbow’s End (A) (1)


Papertalk Greene, Charmaine and Kinsella, John, False Claims of Colonial Thieves (A) (2)

Wordsworth, William, William Wordsworth: Poems Selected by Seamus Heaney (3)

Multimodal texts


Johnson, Stephen (director), High Ground (A) (1)

Wilder, Billy (director), Sunset Boulevard (1)


Ottley, Matt, Requiem for a Beast (A) (1)

Non-fiction texts

Laveau-Harvie, Vicki, The Erratics (A) (2)

Noah, Trevor, Born a Crime (1)




List 2

For VCE EAL students only, one text in each pair is nominated for achievement of Unit 3 Outcome 1: Reading and creating texts. This text is indicated by ‘(EAL)’.

Pair 1

Non-fiction text Multimodal text Film
Beneba Clarke, Maxine, The Hate Race (A) (2) (EAL) de Heer, Rolf (director), Charlie’s Country (A) (4)

Pair 2

Multimodal text Film Novel
Frears, Stephen (director), The Queen (3) (EAL) Malouf, David, Ransom (A) (6)

Pair 3

Short stories Novel
Amsterdam, Steven, Things We Didn’t See Coming (A) (2) (EAL) Ishiguro, Kazuo, Never Let Me Go (4)

Pair 4

Non-fiction text Novel
Szubanski, Magda, Reckoning (A) (4) (EAL) Tóibín, Colm, Brooklyn (2)

Pair 5

Play Novel
Miller, Arthur, The Crucible (6) (EAL) Ham, Rosalie, The Dressmaker (A) (3)

Pair 6

Play Novel
Ziegler, Anna, Photograph 51 (4) (EAL) Franklin, Miles, My Brilliant Career (A) (2)

Pair 7

Play Novel
Enoch, Wesley and Mailman, Debra, The 7 Stages of Grieving (A) (3) (EAL) D’Aguiar, Fred, The Longest Memory (6)

Pair 8

Non-fiction text Multimodal text Film
Yousafzai, Malala, with Lamb, Christina, I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban (6) (EAL) Warchus, Matthew (director), Pride (3)



Year 11 and 12 ENGLISH LITERATURE 2023


Atwood, Margaret, Alias Grace (1)

Austen, Jane, Northanger Abbey (4)

Faulkner, William, As I Lay Dying (2)

Ishiguro, Kazuo, The Remains of the Day (2)

Lindsay, Joan, Picnic at Hanging Rock (A) (3)

Stoker, Bram, Dracula (2)

Winch, Tara June, The Yield (A) (1)

Wright, Alexis, Carpentaria (A) (4)

Zola, Émile, The Ladies’ Paradise (3)


Bovell, Andrew, Speaking in Tongues (A) (4)

Chekhov, Anton, Uncle Vanya (2)

Euripides, Hippolytus (4)

Kirkwood, Lucy, Chimerica (1)

Morrison, Toni, and Traoré, Rokia, Desdemona (4)

Murray-Smith, Joanna, Berlin (A) (1)

Parks, Suzan-Lori, Father Comes Home from the Wars: Parts 1, 2 and 3 (2)

Shakespeare, William, Othello (4)

Shakespeare, William, The Winter’s Tale (2)



Short stories

Chiang, Ted, Stories of Your Life and Others (1)

Stories for study: ‘Tower of Babylon’, ‘Understand’, ‘Story of Your Life’, ‘Seventy-Two Letters’, ‘Liking What You See: A Documentary’

Munro, Alice, Dance of the Happy Shades (3)
Stories for study: All

Tan, Elizabeth, Smart Ovens for Lonely People (A) (1)

Stories for study: ‘Night of the Fish’, ‘Our Sleeping Lungs Opened to the Cold’, ‘A Girl Is Sitting on a Unicorn in the Middle of a Shopping Centre’, ‘Eighteen Bells Karaoke Castle (Sing Your Heart Out)’, ‘.pptx’, ‘Ron Swanson’s Stencilled ’Stache’, ‘Washing Day’, ‘Yes! Yes! Yes You Are! Yes You Are!’, ‘Would You Rather’, ‘Excision in F-Sharp Minor’, ‘Disobeying’, ‘This Is Not a Treehouse’, ‘Shirt Dresses that Look a Little Too Much Like Shirts so that It Looks Like You Forgot to Put on Pants (Love Will Save the Day)’, ‘The Meal Channel’, ‘Lola Metronome and Calliope St Laurent Having a Picnic at the End of Civilisation as We Know It’

Other literature

Baldwin, James, The Fire Next Time (2)

Seacole, Mary, Wonderful Adventures of Mrs Seacole in Many Lands (1)

Winton, Tim, The Boy Behind the Curtain (A) (3)
Selections for study: ‘The Boy Behind the Curtain’, ‘A Space Odyssey at Eight’, ‘Havoc: A Life in Accidents’, ‘A Walk at Low Tide’, ‘Repatriation’, ‘Betsy’, ‘Twice on Sundays’, ‘The Wait and the Flow’, ‘In the Shadow of the Hospital’, ‘The Battle for Ningaloo Reef’, ‘The Demon Shark’, ‘Using the C-word’, ‘Stones for Bread’, ‘Sea Change’, ‘Barefoot in the Temple of Art’


Each poem listed must be studied. In the case of longer poems, extracts from the poem may be used in the examination.

Dickinson, Emily, The Complete Poems (3)
Poems for study: (45) ‘There’s something quieter than sleep’, (228) ‘Blazing in Gold and quenching in Purple’, (254) ‘“Hope” is the thing with feathers’, (258) ‘There’s a certain Slant of light’, (280) ‘I felt a Funeral, in my Brain’, (389) ‘There’s been a Death, in the Opposite House’, (441) ‘This is my letter to the World’, (465) ‘I heard a Fly buzz – when I died’, (533) ‘Two Butterflies went out at Noon’, (622) ‘To know just how He suffered – would be dear’, (709) ‘Publication – is the Auction’, (712) ‘Because I could not stop for Death’, (754) ‘My Life had stood – a Loaded Gun’, (761) ‘From Blank to Blank’, (986) ‘A narrow Fellow in the Grass’, (1136) ‘The Frost of Death was on the Pane’, (1235) ‘Like Rain it sounded till it curved’, (1764) ‘The saddest noise, the sweetest noise’

Duffy, Carol Ann, The World’s Wife (1)

Poems for study: ‘Little Red-Cap’, ‘Queen Herod’, ‘Mrs Midas’, ‘Mrs Aesop’, ‘Mrs Darwin’, ‘Mrs Sisyphus’, ‘Mrs Faust’, ‘Anne Hathaway’, ‘Medusa’, ‘Circe’, ‘Mrs Lazarus’, ‘Mrs Icarus’, ‘Eurydice’, ‘The Kray Sisters’, ‘Elvis’s Twin Sister’, ‘Pope Joan’, ‘Penelope’, ‘Demeter’

Slessor, Kenneth, Selected Poems (A) (3)
Poems for study: ‘Earth-Visitors’, ‘Pan at Lane Cove’, ‘Winter Dawn’, ‘Stars’, ‘The Night-Ride’, ‘Realities’, ‘Music’ (sections I–VI), ‘Captain Dobbin’, ‘Five Visions of Captain Cook’, ‘Country Towns’, ‘Out of Time’, ‘North Country’, ‘South Country’, ‘William Street’, ‘Five Bells’, ‘Beach Burial’


van Neerven, Ellen, Throat (A) (1)

Poems for study: ‘18Cs’, ‘Iogonliveon’, ‘Chermy’, ‘Bold & Beautiful’, ‘The Only Blak Queer in the World’, ‘A ship-shaped hole in the forest’, ‘Expert’, ‘Women are still not being heard’, ‘TREATY OF SHARED POWER’, ‘Queens’, ‘All that is loved (can be saved)’, ‘this deadly love’, ‘I used to have a name (for this)’, ‘Terra Nova’, ‘I grieve in sleep’, ‘Paper ships’

White, Petra, A Hunger (revised edition) (A) (4)
Poems for study: ‘Ode on Love’, ‘Selva Oscura’, ‘By This Hand’, ‘Magnolia Tree’, ‘Feral Cow’, ‘The Relic’, ‘Truth and Beauty’, ‘Woman and Dog’, ‘Ricketts Point’, ‘Southbank’ (sections 1–11), ‘Highway: Eucla Beach’, ‘Highway: Bunda Cliffs’, ‘From Munich’, ‘Karri Forest’

Yeats, WB, Poems Selected by Seamus Heaney (2)
Poems for study: ‘Adam’s Curse’, ‘To a Shade’, ‘The Wild Swans at Coole’, ‘Easter 1916’, ‘The Second Coming’, ‘Sailing to Byzantium’, ‘Meditations in Time of Civil War’, ‘Leda and the Swan’, ‘Among School Children’, ‘In Memory of Eva Gore-Booth and Con Markiewicz’, ‘Coole Park and Ballylee, 1931’, ‘Byzantium’, ‘A Last Confession’, ‘The Curse of Cromwell’, ‘The Man and the Echo’

3. Do you tutor during the day as well as evenings?
Yes! ‘English Tutoring by Philip Brown’ offers tutorial and other services from 7am to 9pm, Monday to Friday.
4. I have viewed your pricing for proofreading but I'm not sure of the quality of my work and the time it will take to proofread. Can we consult on this?
Of course! It will cost you nothing to have an email exchange to sort out the time needed to proofread your writing project. Or you can just send it to us and obtain a free quote.
5. What is your most requested lesson or course of study?
Essay method, which our senior tutor has been teaching with great success for 25 years!

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