“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

– Benjamin Franklin

Online Tutoring

At ‘English Tutoring by Philip Brown,’ a range of skills and subjects are taught with a focus on students’ current texts and assignments.

Since the advent of the Coronavirus there has been a lot more call on our provision of ONLINE TUTORING. Please enquire while there are still times available.

Writing Skills

At ‘English Tutoring by Philip Brown,’ all skill elements are taught (structure, expression, style, etc) for your writing requirements. Writing high school essays and university theses? Learn how to generate ideas, shape your response and write to exam time-limits. Our focus is upon skill requirements for senior high school subjects, but writing skills at all levels are taught.

Text Studies

Critical appreciation of poems, plays and novels is taught at ‘English Tutoring by Philip Brown.’ You will learn to distinguish elements of literary craftsmanship: plot, character, theme, style. We develop your analysis along lines suggested by the texts and to course outlines.

English Basics

Do you need help with simple English? ‘English Tutoring by Philip Brown’ offers expert help with all aspects of English, including phonics, spelling, vocabulary and grammar.

Philip Brown

Philip Brown

Owner and Senior Tutor

Philip Brown lives with his wife (also a teacher) and three dogs in Research, Victoria. He began full-time tutoring in 2001. Trained as an English and English Literature Tutor, Philip prides himself on providing exceptional support through individualised learning programs for each of his students.

Outside of tutoring, Philip enjoys playing guitar, writing and visiting local markets. 

Our Story

‘English Tutoring by Philip Brown’ began as a part-time occupation while Philip worked for The Age and as National Information Manager for Media Monitors. When Philip left working in the City, he began tutoring VCE students full-time. Over the years former clients, who had progressed to tertiary studies and entered workplaces, returned for editing and proofreading services related to their more advanced studies. And so the business expanded and grew…

What Our Students Say

“Philip tutored me in my final two years of high school. I enjoyed English classes at school but found that only so much can be done in the classroom. With Philip, texts were analysed in more detail and themes were discussed at greater length. Most importantly, Philip shared with me his love of writing. I used to dislike writing essays. Now I am completing a 10,000 word thesis at Melbourne University.”


“I needed to improve the quality of my writing.’English Tutoring by Philip Brown’ taught me essay techniques that have stayed with me. I have now completed my Pastoral Counselling degree at the Australian Catholic University.”


“Philip helped me to think clearly about the texts and to develop analytical writing. I am now completing a Bachelor of Pharmacy at Monash University, Melbourne.”


"I was tutored by Philip whilst I was in year 12 during 2012. I found his academic assistance and insight into VCE English invaluable during this time and attribute my success to his support. He is a very kind and knowledgeable person. Thank you Philip!"


"Philip has a knowledgeable, open-mind to the studied literary texts. Through deep discussion of the broader ideas, Philip has expanded my understanding, as well as helped me improve my vocabulary and condensed my previously lengthy writing style. He knows how to adapt to certain individuals, using many anecdotes as examples to get an idea across. He has enabled me to maintain my high A score average, and I look forward to his help in the upcoming exam period!"


"I have three sons who achieved in Maths and Science, but never in English. But Philip's personal approach, his ability to communicate, his love of literature, his generous use of time and a worldview that makes sense, set them all up for success, both in VCE and at Uni."

Martin De Pyle

"Philip is an amazing tutor. His knowledge and caring nature helped me complete my VCE successfully. Strongly recommend!"


"Philip is an excellent English tutor. He possess a great understanding and knowledge of literature and has been of great assistance throughout my final year at high school."


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